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Main business
Lifting dock sys'
Engine Parts Production
Hydraulic Plant Production
Hull part
Engine part Repair
Heater exchanger
Bow thruster
Ocean rescue Production
Fax. +82-51-416-7038
Our major work
- Lifting dock production (Public work, Winch sys’, Structure, Towing Machinery etc.)
- Engine Parts Production
- Hydraulic Plant Production
- Ship repairing (Hull, Machinery, Engine, Turbo-charger, Heat exchanger, Electric, Piping, etc.)
- Electric Automation
- Sale & purchase (Ship & Spare parts)
- Special work (Machinery, Electric, Piping & Continues inspection of War Ship, Korea Navy)
- Dye check of cylinder block
Ship Repair work
Hull part
   - Repair of the shell plates, framing, superstructures, decks
   - Repair of the hatch covers and watertight doors
   - Repair of the steering and anchor gears
Machinery installation (All Type Engine)
   - Repair of the ship’s diesel engine (main & auxiliary)
   - Repair of the ship’s auxiliary, boiler & pumps, deck machinery systems (Included Hydraulic)and piping
   - Repair of the propeller shafts, stern tube devices, propellersand bottom and side fittings
Testing, flaw detections
   - Hydraulic/pneumatic testing and performing of capillary(color check)Flaw detections
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